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Here at vision-Tek, we are passionate about small business marketing. And while Webs' family of products offers the tools small business owners need for great online marketing, we know that sometimes tools alone are not enough. Sometimes, you also need the instructions.

That's why we created the Webs Small Business Resource Center, where you will find informative articles to help your small business succeed from branding advice to website tips to infographics. We also have advice for various small business types, to address their specific marketing challenges. We hope you'll find this information helpful, and best of luck with your small business!

We are a business providing technology services and solutions to both individuals and small companies. We provide the power that our clients need in today’s competitive market. Vision-Tek is a customer oriented company utilizing the modern web technology.
Expertise: "Expert skill or knowledge in a particular field. We are the experts when it comes to Web Development, especially CMS and E-Services. With 8 Years of experience in field of CMS, you can be assured to have the best developer team working on your Project.
Strategic: "Identification of long-term aims and the means of achieving them." Building your online presence is no easy task. For over 6 years we have been refining the e-commerce process to enable our clients to succeed.

This examination and educational System is founded in hope of developing an intelligent and modern system that improve the education process and serve the students worldwide. The project is developed for all students from all educational levels with the possibility of adding materials for university students in the future. 


The methodology of Palses.com “Palestinian School Education and Examination System” is to provide educational material through exams and tests to measure the level of students or applicants before presenting the educational material. The exams will be evaluated electronically and the results will be shown immediately. The educational material such as video and text explanation will be presented based on the knowledge level of the students or participants. 


The system allow users to register, add exams, add all common type of questions like: Multiple-choice, true/false, matching, blank fill, select from list and fill gab in table questions, reordering questions and fill in Gap questions. 


The system is developed In PHP and Mysql in Model View Controller Design Pattern with all modern and secure technology.

 Online Version: www.palses.com

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